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About Me

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Hi, my name is Sarah.

I am a qualified Universal White Time therapist and Teacher and I also work with gemstones for healing.

I have been using Universal White Time since 2007 and have been a qualified Gemstone Healer since 2005.

The first courses I attended, were levels 1-3 in crystal healing. It was during these classes that I received White Time Healing, for the very first time, which worked almost instantly on my lower back and I also received my first Decording session, which was also something very special. It was from receiving White Time Healing and experiencing the amazing benefits with such positive results that I decided to learn it myself. I never set out to be a healer; I did the courses more out of personal curiosity, while on my spiritual journey!! During the classes I really loved the idea of being a teacher of White Time, I loved the way my tutor worked. I never once though that I would be offered the opportunity to become a Teacher of White Time!! I was so excited when I was offered the opportunity, it also meant I was in a certain place of personal spiritual growth too!! I was ready for this very important role!

I am in constant connection with Universal White Time and use it throughout my everyday life. All food I eat and fluids I drink I infuse with White Time and various other Universal Light Divine symbols. This has become second nature to me now, it is truly a divine blessing from Beyond, as is White Time!!

I do not just use the healing energy for myself; I send it out daily to my loved ones and connect constantly to people, colleagues and friends who are in my healing books too. From time to time I also send the healing force to situations in the world, including Mother Earth.

I help people and Mother Earth in her spiritual evolution, by placing special healing Palettes around my home. These send out frequencies for miles around to help people, giving out knowledge and New Understanding of the Shift to come and New Earth. This is just One of the many things I am doing to help the world with all that is New and to come.

As a Healer I am qualified in Universal White Time Levels 1-4. I am a Tutor for levels 1-2. With gemstone healing I have trained in levels 1-3. I also have taken the New Earth courses and the Beyond teachings 1-5. I have gained much divine knowledge over the years and love working in this most divine, loving energy.

If you feel that you resonate with me and want to know more about healing or New Earth, please feel welcome to email me.

image of palette symbols new earth With much love.

Sarah. xx

Donations Accepted. I have opened a Pay Pal Money Pool. Donations help me to continue my healing work and my own personal spiritual journey. ALL Donations are most gratefully received.

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